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Saturday, 21 May 2011

52 Dragon Movie Challenge – Dragon Hunter Review

It was always going to be an even bigger challenge this week to fall back down from the dizzy heights of pure blockbusting, grade A special effects, dragon action in Reign of Fire. But at some point I had to do it! So when perusing my ever growing DVD collection of dragon movies I found Dragon Hunter, a straight to DVD effort with no major stars.

The movie tells the story of two brothers that live in a peaceful fantasy kingdom, free from Orcs and Dragons, until one day...

Our first murky glimpse of the dragon attacking the village at night...

So the brothers leg it from the village and away to safety following the extremely dark 2 seconds of dragon attack. The start of the movie should be mentioned really as the first 20 seconds demonstrate some truly gripping, effective editing. It should be commended on its originality! However, before I have time to start thinking how original it might be it’s soon back to formula. The deep voice over begins, coining phrases such as “some things are worse than death.” Pretty scary stuff, or it would be if the shots it’s talking over aren’t all lush and green with close ups of dandelions and flowers. At least it’s colourful in comparison to the UK’s grey filter in Reign of Fire!

After some bickering between the brothers about deserting their now dragon ravaged village we get to our first true action scene. Our brothers are camping in Orc territory and they’re soon attacked, but by another group of humans. A fun sword fight ensues and we’re introduced to the scantily clad elven warrior to keep the fan boys happy. In one of the best apologies ever, this group of warriors promise to accompany the brothers to wherever they may be headed due to the mistaken attack. And this is where the plot kicks in. Our brothers (one of them a hard ass Jason Statham lookalike and the other, a blonde haired, blue eyed nervous wreck with no fighting skills or bravery) decide to go to Ocard, the last castle where you can train to be a Dragon Hunter. Yey! Maybe we’ll see some dragons soon then.

On their journey we begin to learn about the new characters. The female Elf scout with a wardrobe malfunction - which shows her annoying flat stomach the entire 90 minutes – the two truly English gentlemen warriors, two annoying fat blokes that bicker and draw attention, a weakling that’s desperate to learn some skills and a large muscled black warrior that’s a mute.

What’s good about this movie so far, is the characters and the actors that portray them. The acting is solid and there’s no overly cheesy scenes which can often ruin a film like this. So far so good.

We get another bonus fight scene to break up the dialogue scenes, this time featuring some stolen props from New Zealand as the Orcs attack. The slow mo running shots, the long black hair, and the dodgily assembled plate armour are all straight from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. But who cares? It’s fun, and our black warrior also has some weird Hulk thing going on, single handed taking on about 15 Orcs.

After 25 minutes and only 2seconds of dragon “action” a character in the movie asks, “and what of dragons?” I’m seriously beginning to wonder...

Thirty minutes into the movie and one of our fat annoying characters – the “comic” relief – cries “Dragon!” hurrah! Finally some dragon action.....?

You wait 30 minutes for a blurred half second of dragon...talk about suspense!

No. The blurred half a second is literally all you get. Then it’s back to more enjoyable characterisation and story, JUST NO DRAGONS!

Our team of travellers take shelter in a nearby village for a bit to prolong the dragon action even further. We learn that these dragons do something really weird. During the blurred “attack” our other annoying character gets severely injured too. But apparently there is some Alien business going on. The dragons are revealed to attack their victims, implant a dragon baby into their stomach, and then seal the wound with their fire. Gross! Luckily we’re not subjected to any of this as the viewer, and all we get is a little lifeless dragon baby prop. Still, it’s a weird Alien inspired trait to add to a dragon!

It’s all very pretty and romantic but show me the dragons!

Leaving the village behind, the movie promises to pick up pace again as they arrive at Ocard, the last training ground for the Dragon Hunters. A nice bit of identity crisis builds between the brothers, a sibling rivalry is developed as the skilled Statham lookalike should be the Dragon Hunter, but perhaps is not. The younger brother is supposedly destined to be the Dragon Hunter, but is afraid of fire!

An elderly man pops up to help our Dragon Hunter on his way. He advises the older brother to shift the plot along as there’s only 25 minutes left. The older brother replies, “How do you tell someone that their destiny is to battle the most dangerous beasts on earth?”

JUST TELL HIM! Sheesh. It’s still fun, but with the clock ticking I wish this had a LOTR inspired running time too, with the last 90 minutes dedicated to pure dragon action. It looks like I’m not going to get my wish.

All of the characters are well portrayed and interesting. But they are heavily inspired by LOTR. The fellowship of the dragon!

Again the film begins to pick up pace again with a full on Rocky inspired training montage to get our would be Dragon Hunter in shape just in case any dragon actually show up properly in this movie.

Fitness training on the steps!

Sword skills...

And of course, the wise old man who talks dragon gibberish, complete with dead dragon souvenir! “It can be killed”

Once our Dragon Hunter is looking a bit more athletic and a bit more up to the job, we actually get a quick reminder of what he might actually be fighting against at some point. With our third blink and you’ll miss it glimpse of the dragon we’re getting somewhere.

Glimpse number three of the dragon, and wizard #2 up to no good.

There’s another unseen attack on another village and our Dragon Hunter is really quite miffed off now. Only trouble is, he needs to spend another 10 minutes of running time to take in every dying characters last words, then scream and cry in slow mo. It’s all done pretty well and nowhere near as bad as I’m probably making it sound, but I’m fed up now. For a movie called Dragon Hunter, he’s done about as much hunting as he has flying. Yep, not a lot.

Not that I was counting, but after 1 hour 22minutes and 42 seconds of characterisation and storytelling, we get our first real look at the dragon! And he looks great!

Ok, so the final fight scene is eventually here, and by this point you do actually care about our characters (which is a good achievement for a straight to DVD movie). Because the Dragon is only on screen for a total of about 2 minutes, the special effects are really really good. Whereas Fire & Ice showed us lots of dragon action with varied effects, this movie uses its budget wisely. The dragon looks like a mix between Jurassic Park’s T Rex and DragonHeart. He looks very good for the shots that he’s on screen. Unfortunately, with only 3 minutes of movie time left, the battle is badly shortlived and the dragon doesn’t get a proper chance to stretch his wings.

The climactic battle is somewhat disappointing, with our heroes doing the sensible option for the majority and hiding in the bushes! (It’s probably what we’d all do, but it doesn’t make for an overly exciting final dragon fight like Reign of Fire achieves)

Our heroes use wise tactics and stay well away from the dragon, hiding in the bushes and taking pot shots with arrows. Needless to say, the dragon isn’t impressed.

After the director decides his audience would be pretty hacked off if he didn’t actually make his Dragon Hunter do anything actually exciting, he finally grants us some real action and puts him right in the mix. The special effects hold up well and the fight is a good one, each of our characters that are still with us turn up for a bit of fighting which is nice.

The Dragon Hunter gets dangerously close:

And this guy is just plain crazy...

And finally some flame throwing action, talk about leaving it late for all the good stuff!

Another final twist reveals that a true Dragon Hunter is blessed with fireproof skin. How cool and convenient!? So, with his top burnt off, our buff young hero gets his confidence and not a minute too soon!

Fireproof skin tends to add confidence to a young Dragon Hunter...

Our victorious heroes in a proper Lord of the Rings shot

Final Score: 6/10.

This movie is a great straight to DVD effort, and deserves the 6. There really isn’t that much dragon action in it (especially not for a film called Dragon Hunter) but the acting and the special effects (when they’re finally on screen) really do more than make up for it. What this movie achieves more than anything is so much more from a potential sequel. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s one in the works... Dragon Hunter: Legend of the Hidden City!

The sequel baiting final shot of the movie:

Next week it's Merlin and the War of the Dragon Empire!

If you live in the UK, you can purchase the DVD of Reign Of Fire from our preferred DVD retailer, Play.com, at the link here

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

52 Dragon Movies Challenge – Reign Of Fire Review

This is the fourth week of my dragon movie challenge and, to end my first dragon movie filled month out of twelve, I thought I’d treat myself to a true Hollywood Dragon Movie Blockbuster, Reign of Fire.

Maybe the excitement of the challenge had worn off following the promising start of George & the Dragon, or maybe it was just the two weeks in succession of true amateurish acting that got me reaching for some main stream dragon action. Either way I’d never found myself more excited by a movie opening just because it started with an air of familiarity; The Touchstone pictures logo and the Spyglass Entertainment logo. These were things you saw at the start of normal films, the ones that you see in the cinema! I was happier still when the names started to appear, Matthew McConaughey (U571, Tropic Thunder, The Lincoln Lawyer) the true - love him or hate him - Hollywood Superstar Christian Bale (American Psycho, Batman Begins, Terminator Salvation, The Dark Knight, The Fighter) and even the action star Gerard Butler (Gamer, How to Train Your Dragon, 300), this movie was going to be fun!

The film had me instantly happy and instantly in the right frame of mind, this was going to be one cool dragon movie, luckily, I wasn’t disappointed. For a start, the movie’s 2008 opening sees workmen chilling Budweiser with fire hydrants. Nothing to do with dragons whatsoever I know, but I definitely want to try it out at the next BBQ I host!

So the movie starts as it means to go on, straight into the action, and straight into explaining just where the heck dragons suddenly appeared from. The 2008 set introduction shows that it turns out they were living in a tunnel under London City, trapped, until these workmen and this young cockney schoolboy frees them. As the little boy visits his Mum in the construction tunnels under London you instantly know there’s going to be trouble thanks to dialogue straight from a Ridley Scott Alien movie, “There’s a problem with number 4, it’s hit some sort of a void”. Shots of massive drills in dark tunnels with only torchlight to light the way is as ominous as it can get, especially when they’ve just uncovered a massive inky black underground cave.

Bad news. Let’s send the kid in there to see what’s going on! Oh crap, its dragons.

After a thrilling opening where we get to see a cool bit of dragon action after just 6 minutes, we get transported to the dystopian landscape of an apocalyptic London, 2020AD. We soon learn that regardless of the era, as long as this is a dragon movie, there will be castles. A useful voiceover (when will I watch a dragon movie that hasn’t got a voice over?) from Christian Bale doing his best London cockney (Captain Jack Sparrow) impression tells us that since this early attack, dragons have spread across the world, burning everything in sight. Nuclear war has taken place against the dragons but nothing can stop them, they’re real, they kill, and humans have struggled to survive.

So far so intriguing, it comes off a bit like Terminator Salvation with dragons, which is no bad thing. Bale mutters a pretty cool line, “ancient man made them into myth, but nature made them a horrible reality” and we’re then brought fully up to date to see just what state the human race is in. A combination of impressive costumes and apocalyptic style set design really sets the tone. We’re fully introduced to all of our survivors, huddled into a base camp in a Northumberland Castle.

What is really great is the definite UK feel to it all, grey skies, and UK castles, horses and vegetable patches. There’s no doubt we’re in England here, no matter when the film is set. We even get yet another Star Wars reference, (there have been SW references in all three dragon movies prior to this) where Bale plays Darth Vader and Butler plays Luke in a play for the kids in the castle. It comes complete with light sabres and fake sound effects, which made me smile!

The first real dragon action set piece comes pretty early in (20 mins). Some of our survivors aren’t too happy with proceedings and are up for pillaging some of the grub from the vegetable patch. There’s nothing like an apocalypse or a war of sorts to get people fighting over leadership and food rations! Cue one big unhappy dragon, (Or Wyvern really, as it has no front legs) who turns up in a thrilling attack which combines great misty suspenseful shots and sound before the big dragon reveal. At one point a crow flies overhead noisily making me jump a mile, and it isn’t too long afterwards before we see this guy:

Our first proper glimpse of a dragon in daylight, and he looks incredible!

Bale and Butler don fireproof suits and take to their fire trucks to rescue our veggie thieves in a great piece of action. Fire breathing dragon, flames everywhere and fire trucks smashing into each other, desperate to drive to safety. The scene is really thrilling, really well done, and makes a pleasant change in quality from the movies I’ve watched so far!

After another reminder of how dragons attacked the world (this time using the cool mechanism of a Time Magazine blowing in the wind, it’s pages gradually turning, showing us pictures from around the world of dragons burning New York etc.) Things only get cooler when we’re introduced to Matthew McConaughey’s character. For a start he turns up in an armoured convoy, with tanks and cannon equipped armoured vehicles, oh, and a helicopter. Forget the horses, this guy is ripped and is packing some serious heat. At this point I was crossing everything I had for a Tank vs. Dragon scene...

Christian Bale is far less impressed than I was by McConaughey’s entrance and is even a little scared, but he’s soon convinced after Matt shows him his kickass dragon tooth necklace and tells him he’s a dragon slayer. Matt’s allowed to stay for the time being, if he can help.

Things really get going now when we have our first proper dragon attack where the good guys have something to fight back with apart from water hoses. Tanks + artillery + ammo + helicopter = kickass dragon fight!

Objects in your helicopter rear view mirror are closer than they appear...

Matt reckons he can kill a dragon and Bale needs convincing, so us viewers get treated to a really great dragon set piece involving a helicopter, motorcyclists, a horse and some skydivers! It’s a strange combination and has to be seen to be believed but it really is edge of the seat stuff and our dragon is out for some skydiving meat!

Dragon Vs. Turret. I vote dragon

The “capture the dragon” plan doesn’t exactly go to... er... plan... but Matt shows us all how wicked he is with his fat piece of cannon and his unflinching attitude towards oncoming fire breathing dragon!

Yanks 1 – 0 Dragons

Matt tells us all of his theory about the dragons in this story. He reckons that there is only 1 male dragon in the entire species of dragons on the planet (that’s one busy dragon) and he lives in London. Yep, London. So Bale, ever the sceptic, checks the sex of our recently deceased dragon and, yeah, finds a dragon egg. So at least he knows that dragon was female.

Bale discovers that most dragons are females...

However, Matt’s theory of one male dragon acting like a fish and fertilising all the dragon eggs that are laid by female dragons across the globe just isn’t going to wash with Bale. So Bale stops at the castle whilst Matt heads off to London on his own for what’s definitely going to be one heck of a climactic showdown.

Thus far into the film it’s worth mentioning just how cool the special effects are. These Wyverns really do come to life in this movie. Even though they’re used as nothing more than a creature feature (action/horror monster), the dragons do look and sound incredible, and the acting is intense too. Ultimately it comes down to one thing, story. It’s actually interesting! I’m captivated the entire time and the final show down in London is yet to happen. I find myself on the edge of my seat time and again, waiting for the big dragon battle I just know is going to happen. This movies only let down is the dragons as creatures situation, but there will be movies to come like Dragon Heart and Eragon to get our intelligent, dragons with heart, fix.

Before Matt’s army of 200 men even get to London we get an unexpected dragon attack:

The misty skies hide many dragons and the attack literally comes out of nowhere, destroying all but McCanaughey, the helicopter, and his helicopter pilot. Better get back to Bale and ask for help! However, this dragon isn’t finished yet, after turning the entire army to dust he continues by beating Matt back to Bale and destroying the castle too! Fortunately this means Bale has no choice and we’re off to London. Bale dons his crossbow and joins the fight. Hurrah!

London: “Well this town’s gone to hell”

28 Days Later, I Am Legend, The Book of Eli and The Road are all great films showing apocalyptic city landscapes. But did any of them have dragons? Nuh uh. The picture above is what makes this movie so cool! Tons of dragons are living in London and that includes one badass male (just about to fly over the houses of parliament in the picture). Apparently the UK parliament is still full of dragons even after Margaret Thatcher!

McConaughey has a plan to use the failing light at dusk to confuse the dragons. Apparently their eyesight isn’t up to much at dusk and the dragons struggle to maintain focus on their prey. This tactic should even the odds. The battle is one you can’t help but look forward to as 3 humans take on 1 big, bad dragon in central London.

London’s burning:

I love St. Pauls dome in pieces on the right and Tower Bridge in the background, and, oh yeah! A massive dragon flying right at the screen! Pity it’s not 3D!

The special effects continue to impress

The climactic battle really doesn’t disappoint as our three plucky heroes (Bale, McConaughey and onetime Bond girl from Goldeneye, Scorupco) take on the male of the species. If they succeed, no more dragon babies and a chance for survival, if they fail, dragons win and they’re the dominant species on the planet forever. Cue fight!

The final scenes are pure dragon action excitement

With incredible special effects, edge of your seat tension and excitement, intense, great acting from an all-star cast, and captivating story, this is one dragon movie that is definitely a must see. I was not disappointed by any aspect of this movie. It isn’t even one that just dragon fans would enjoy, (like DragonQuest and Fire&Ice) but any blockbuster loving action fan will get a kick from this movie.

Final Score: This Dragon Movie gets 10/10.

Incredible action, awesome sets, an engrossing, believable futuristic world, great action set pieces and great “action star” acting. Did I mention how cool the dragons were.....? Watch this now!

Next week I’m subjecting myself to more straight to DVD dragon movie fun with, Dragon Hunter!

If you live in the UK, you can purchase the DVD of Reign Of Fire from our preferred DVD retailer, Play.com, at the link here

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

52 Dragon Movies Challenge – DragonQuest Review

DragonQuest is the third movie in my challenge, and the third straight to DVD title in a row, so I’m getting used to what to expect from these films! The films major stars are non-existent, but that’s OK, but surely this means there’s more budget for dragon action...? Only time will tell.

Imagine my surprise when I kick this movie off and not only is there NO narration but we’re also straight into the plot. No messing. Nothing like a break in the format from the first two films to instantly pick up the interest levels.

A spooky hooded figure looking nothing like Star Wars’ Darth Maul on Tatooine is seen doing something scary near a volcano or a valley. Either way the music is full on and there’s a lot of smoke and stuff. Not 100 seconds have passed in the movie and before you know it we get our first proper glimpse of a dragon, yey!

It’s a bit early on for our hero to confront the fire dragon...

You quickly learn that the evil hooded villain’s plot was to unleash the evil fire dragon to help him in his plan to control the ancient fantasy lands. Unfortunately, the one man who can step up to the fire dragon and protect all is old. But his grandson is handsome and a potential dragon slayer called The Keeper, despite the fact that no one thinks he’s ready, I think he is.

The grandpa is full of clichés, “Do what I could not. GO!”

Unfortunately the first glimpse we get of our hero Arkadi, he’s smoking on a pipe and perving on a girl getting undressed. Not the best first impression I must admit, so, he better get doing something cool with these dragons sometime soon.

There is a lot of talk confirming some prophecy about the boy and the red son being a sign. My thoughts on the boy being a potential hero are looking quite promising so far...

Soon the dragon is back on screen again and he’s speaking! The first talking dragon in the 52 movie challenge and we’re only on number 3! Yey! Oh wait, no. It’s the hooded guy speaking through the dragon like its some sort of proxy. And the hooded guy looks familiar? Wait, it’s the alien bounty hunter guy from the X-Files! Pure evil, he must be bad.

After having a chat the dragon takes to the skies...

Once the prophecy of the boy has been firmly established and a random but quite impressive 300 style battle between hundreds of soldiers, we get the chance to find out exactly what the full plot of the movie is based on. Another random old man with a very over the top voice (mate of his grand pa’s) and his beautiful princess accomplice (all very Lara Croft in hot pants and low cut top) meet our hero and tell him he has to find a bunch of stones to fill his ancient amulet that his grandpa conveniently left to him. The story is that forced and clichéd the princess even checks if our hero is still paying attention “are you listening?” I did laugh but I think I’d stopped paying attention.

The old man turns out to be quite a warrior and more than a little Master Yoda. “where are we going?” asks our hero, “HOW we are going is equally important as where!” retorts our wise old man.


Anyway, with the training session over it’s time to find our first ancient stone to complete the worryingly large amulet. I quickly check the running time of the movie (85mins) when I notice there are at least 6 stones to collect. Instantly relieved I look back in time to catch a truly bizarre sequence where the hero is repeatedly swallowed by an underwater serpent.

Instead of trying to find a dragon stone he just tries to light up instead!? After the old man convinces him to pack the smoking in (nothing like a giant water serpent to help kick the habit) he quickly discovers the first dragon stone inside the slimy guts of the serpent before being puked back out! One down...

The weird water serpent

The pace of the film is beginning to quicken now as we meet an old lady who puts them up for the night. The attraction between our hot pant wearing combat Xena princess and our hero is building but for some reason there’s a blonde in a bath tub and she’s asking our hero to join him. Where did she come from and what will he do? Luckily he’s awarded a second dragon stone for NOT joining the bathing blonde and going back to bed next to the brunette princess. “you still stink” she says. Arkadi the hero looks gutted.

Our fire dragon in impressive close up

The night’s sleep is rudely interrupting with a cracking sucker punch to Arkadi and he now finds himself in prison. Luckily the combat princess gets all ass kicking again and manages to free both Arkadi and his cell mate. Luckily the random cell mate also has a dragon stone (every stranger has one of these!? Now I can see why the movie is only 85 minutes!)

Another failed clichéd line is delivered before we’re off on the hunt for dragon stone number 3.

“We are always weakest when we feel strongest.” (Is it just me or do these not make sense?)

Our hero suddenly finds himself in some caves with a massive LOTR style spider. Luckily he stays still and the spider passes him by. Guess what’s on the floor? A dragon stone! I’ve no idea where the cave came from, what the purpose of the spider was or why there was a dragon stone on the floor. But suffice to say, things are turning out great for the kid.

Next up he’s donating some gold to a random stranger and HE has a dragon stone too! How they heck of these things remained hidden? They’re everywhere! All his grandpa had to do was take a Sunday afternoon stroll and he could have completed this amulet himself.

There are some great swordplay scenes and a cool magic mirror that Disney would be proud of before another random stranger gives Arkadi his final dragon stone. With the powers of his dragon amulet, dragon stones, but most importantly virtue, (which must have been mentioned about 20 times and could be a good drinking game) the hero gets himself a magic dragon...

Look what you can achieve with some stones...a magic dragon!

Our hammy old man does some great fighting before one last effort to make me wince and then it’s down to Katya (the ass kicking princess) and Arkadi to take on the soldiers and the hooded dragon conjurer once and for all.

The conclusion to the film is an exciting affair and a grand old effects finale that the straight to DVD movie should be pretty proud of. The screenshot below looks like a deleted scene from Harry Potter of Episode 1, as our hero faces off against that Alien Bounty Hunter X-Files man.

All very Harry Potter now with magic beams...

Of course, it couldn’t just be magic beams. This is a dragon film after all! Now let’s see that same screenshot again, but with ADDED DRAGONS!

As the fight heats up we’ve got our princess hitting countless droves of faceless and characterless guards in her short shorts and we’ve got out hero learning how to control his magic bright blue dragon to fight against the dark lord, I mean, to fight against the hooded bad guy.

Dragon fight! Last week was fire and Ice, now fire and magic!

The special effects really do shine in these last few moments of the film as our main payoff for all this stone hunting and mumbo-jumbo talk is a laser beam fight between two out held hands, and er... a dragon fight, which is cool.

Our prince and princess in not so typical attire

So the battle soon wraps up after some nifty laser beam work, and the film finishes almost without one last Star Wars nod, but not quite. I’ve got to keep reminding myself that I’m watching these movies because they feature dragons, and not necessarily because they have to be any good.

Awesome first date...

Well this one does feature dragons, but isn’t very good. Sure the dragon looks good for a low budget affair, but the unknown cast and the crazy awful cheesy horrible dialogue really do ruin this movie. Oh well, I think I’m going to treat myself to an A-list dragon movie next week. For now, I’ll wrap up this review with a quick final verdict.

Final Score: Overall this dragon movie gets a 4/10.

For all the cool dragon special effects and magical laser beams, it just can’t make up for the fact that the unknown stars of the film really do love to over-act and ruin every scene they’re in. I’m definitely going to jump out of straight to DVD territory for my next Dragon Movie Review otherwise I may not complete this challenge!

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