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Monday, 14 March 2011

Nailed It. Dragon Picture drawn by adult budding artist!

Saw that someone posted this drawing on Reddit the other day and it made me laugh out loud! Reminds me of some of my efforts that I try and do!

You have to bare in mind that this picture was drawn by an adult!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

52 Dragon Movies in 52 Weeks!


I've been thinking about setting myself a little challenge on my blog so I update it more regularly, but up til now i've been waaaay too busy. But finally i've found a bit of time and decided on something that could be a lot of fun to do!

Considering I run Dragon Zoo and love everything about dragons it would be pretty cool to set myself a dragon related challenge which I could then update on my blog every week.

So here's my thinking. You guys need to suggest as many dragon movies as you can, enough for me to watch once a week. That makes 52 dragon movies that I need to look online for or in dusty old second hand DVD shops, buy and watch. Each week I'll write up a review of the movie, how much dragon action there is in the film and my favey scene and screen grab. Think it could be a cool challenge and a way for people to read about and maybe buy some dragon movies on their own. New films such as Age of the dragons have inspired this idea. I found since i posted that news story on Dragon Movie News that I had a lot of responses from people that hadn't heard about it!

So what I need is a list of at least 52 movies with dragons in them. Obviously there will be some discussion as to what constitutes a dragon movie and it might be that I have to go for some films that only include a few cool dragon sequences (such as Harry Potter 4) But the more movies we can think of, the more I can go out and buy write up reviews for!

Let me know what you think should be on the list, and join the discussion on our Facebook page:

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JUST added the official "52 Dragon Movies in 52 Weeks" page over on Dragon News - Dragon-Zoo.com