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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

It's not just dragons that are cool...

Over the last few days we've been updating a few news stories on my website dragon-zoo.com. Most of these have obviously been about dragons (seeing as its called Dragon News and all!) but not all of them!

You can check out the coolest here: dragon news
With a real life dragon sighting in the Lake District (and a picture!) and some cool new dragon movies (age of the dragons movie trailer) and games (trailers for Skyrim, Dragon Age 2 and Project Draco) my news page has kicked into life! I've also found some amazing pics of the Clereb Gobel, or the Indonesian flying dragon! Check them out on the news page too, they're just like tiny dragons in real life, but luckily they don't breathe fire!

But anyway, enough on dragons already, wasn't the point of this blog post to talk about something other than dragons for a change?!

So, the last few days I've had off and I was inspired from the games article to go look for a new game to play around on to occupy my time in between dragon expeditions. That's when I found this cool download only, brand new game based on Back to the Future! you can check it out and purchase it here: telltalegamesThe game is really cool and basically plays as a story for the 4th movie, point and click etc with real animations and voices of the cast. (at least the doc is the real voice) So I've been having fun playing a story book essentially! I thoroughly recommend checking it out.

But that's not the exciting part! The best bit is the discovery that the same guys that have made this game are also making one based on JURASSIC PARK! Dragon Zoo is definitely in awe of the success achieved by Jurassic Park and so we will definitely be checking out this game! The last game we played based on JP was called Operation Genesis where you could build and manage your own Jurassic Park on your own island. It kicked ass, and is definitely in need of a remake, but this new game will hopefully be similar to the BTTF game where it will essentially play as the movie that never was, Jurassic Park 4! Here's hoping! Anyway, check out the trailer here:

How cool does that look? Finding a new story to tell based on the events of the first movie sounds like a great idea to us! Beats the tour guide plot of JP-III anyhoo!

One more thing before I go. It's not just dragons that are cool...it's dinosaurs! So i've gone on about JP already, but ever heard of Terra Nova? No? Check out our news story here:

Terra Nova
It looks like a combination of another favey movie of mine, Avatar, with Jurassic Park! This basically means Spielberg, lots of jungle, lots of guns, and most importantly of all, dinosaurs! Watch the trailer at the link here

Now would someone hurry up and make a kick ass TV show with dragons in it?

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