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Thursday, 20 January 2011

How To Train Your Dragon

What is happening with the world?! One minute everything seems normal and the next it's all gone dragon crazy! Dragon sightings, Dragon movies and Dragon Zoo!

Seeing as it’s been such a long time since dragons were in the spotlight I thought I’d share my thoughts on a film I finally got around to seeing the other day.

Anyone else seen How To Train Your Dragon?

Firstly, I’m very happy that a film about a dragon was released at the cinema and managed to do so well. It was such a heart warming and interesting film and wasn’t just the animated comedy blueprint that I was expecting from the advertising campaign and the trailers.

Of course Dragon Zoo is a completely different beast altogether, in our world we have dragons and humans in the 21st century. Fighting, battling and struggling to co-exist. Similar themes definitely, but How To Train Your Dragon does the classic tale of Vikings and Dragons. It was set back in a time which we don’t know about from our own experiences, that we can’t easily picture without the imagination of the animators.

I loved the film overall and the Viking theme. The only thing that made me wince a bit was Hiccup’s injury and the fact he seems to fly Toothless like he is a piece of machinery, an aircraft, rather than a living animal. I wouldn’t recommend jumping on the back of an English Tyrant Dragon and trying to hitch a ride!

I’m also pleased that the unique aspect of Dragon Zoo has remained intact. Our dragon story is continually moving forward and what I like about ours is the fact it is completely with the times. Just wait until our full book is released; you’ll see just how much excitement and action can happen in places that you might even have visited yourself! Our modern setting means that we’re doing some a little different, a little bit original. Instead of going to another time zone to see dragons; be it the past (HTTYD, Dragonheart) or the future (Reign of Fire) we’re bringing the dragon to us. Now. Present Day.

Stay tuned to Dragon Zoo for more updates and more news on the story and our latest dragon pictures.

Happy new year to everyone,

Lucy Arnold

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  1. I must disagree with your hiccup comment. Toothless and hiccup became loyal best freinds. Hiccup corrected the wrongs he did with toothless by fixing his tail and with out hiccup toothless can't fly. How does he fly tooothless like a plane or what not? they both have a noticable bond with each other. Like a horse and rider or a relationship between 2 best friends.

  2. I like your horse and rider comparison. I guess I saw it more as man and machine because the tail was like an aileron on an aircraft. But Hiccup and Toothless are definitely loyal best friends by the end of the movie!