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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

More story...Chapter 7 sneak peak!

I've been working on my story for some time now and have been very careful to only reveal the first drafts of my first two chapters. (Which I hope you like) But you know when you write down something and you just can't wait to share it? Well, I was writing down some of my exploits when I thought I'd share with you a bit of the action from chapter 7. I'm currently well into chapter ten and approx. half way through my story.

My book will recount the events of how I found dragon eggs, how I rescued my friends and how I survived my encounters with dragons face to face! You will have to buy the full book to read what incredible things have happened to me, but for now, enjoy this snippet...

The jet of flame came a fraction of a second before the ear piercing shriek. I’m not sure which I reacted to first; I physically jumped, ducked and fell to the floor all at once. I felt part of my unlit flashlight make contact with the animal in the air right above me as I covered my head with my hands. The animal had come from right in front of me, it was definitely an attack. You don’t breathe fire at something you want to make friends with. This thing was out to get me! I was on my hands and knees on the cold wet floor and all I could hear was the sound of dripping water in the darkness nearby otherwise it was silent. There were no sounds from the animal. The dragon would be right behind me if it had flown in a straight line but I couldn’t be sure. Was it worth turning the torch back on to check? Maybe stay still in the dark again and listen? I steadily rose back onto my feet, thinking that it would be a more agile position to be in. I tried to control my breathing, desperately trying to keep my location in the dark room unknown to the animal. As I stood there with no light and no clue to the dragon’s whereabouts I was suddenly struck with a very scary thought.

Maybe it can see me even without my torch on.

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