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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

It was all up to me...

I still had absolutely no idea what I was dealing with or what these animals were truly capable of. Somehow I’d just managed to find myself in this crazy situation where I had two fire breathing mythical creatures that weren’t supposed to exist. Both of these were presumably extremely dangerous and there was still the potential that I would have another three by tea time! I just had to hope that the rocks from Mt. Snowdon were still rocks by the time we got there. With one dragon already holed up in my Dad’s tool cupboard and the other secretly (safely?) contained in the bag between my feet I knew I was in one heck of a predicament. Unfortunately I was also very aware of the fact that no one else could find out about the dragons and there was certainly no one else in a position to ensure my friends would remain safe from harm. It was all up to me.

Sample from Chapter 4 of Dragon Zoo

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  1. i lov dragons. my favority one is draco generis from the book 'how to raise and keep a dragon' from john topsell (page 46. this book is very intersting cause shows the egg, the skin, higth, place to find, features, ...
    in fact i bought it on a children part library and also i have one toy from 'papo' that my grandson lost his sword and i was very upset cause his is in my office and not for play