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Friday, 26 February 2010

On Discovering that Snowdon "rock" was a dragon egg

That’s when I found it. I could see what was unmistakably the rock that I had brought back from Snowdon only with one small difference; it was in about ten pieces.I picked up some of the bits and checked them out; it didn’t really much resemble rock anymore. Each piece was about a centimetre thick and broken into random shapes. A bit like when it’s Easter and Ben does his party trick of head butting the chocolate eggs whilst their still in their foil. He would then open it up to get big chunks of chocolate egg to scoff on. One year he did it so hard he got a piece of chocolate egg stuck in his forehead, it was disgusting. I remember them rushing to get the piece of wedged egg out before it melted. In fact, I don’t think he does it anymore! More importantly though was the revelation I’d just had. It was a damn egg! I had just inadvertently found a dragon egg in Wales. Oh my god, I have a Welsh dragon in my dad’s garage tool cupboard! It was all starting to sink in, I’ve just found a dragon’s egg and when I was at school it must have hatched on my desk. It was crazy! Dragons exist and I have one! What was I going to do? It was sleeping in a cage downstairs this very second and I was holding some actual pieces of dragon egg. Suddenly I was blinded with utter panic as my brain was filled with one unifying horrific thought, I’ve just given my friends dragon eggs and they could be hatching right this second.

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